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A U D I O - T A C T I L E   W O R K


S u b s t a n c e   s o n    /   2012-2014

Substance Son : art, science and handicap research project around the audio-tacile work of Lynn Pook. A serie of intervention in Languedoc-Rousillion that facilitates exchange between the artist Lynn Pook, researchers in science and people with handicap.
producer : Méridionale des Spectacles

V i b r a t o r i u m   /   2010

[Under construction...]

S t i m u l i n e   /   2008

STiMULiNE exploits the tactile dimension of sound and its transmission through the body of the listener...


M i g n a r d i s e s   /   2008

[Under construction...]

P a u s e   /   2005

A curious patterning, Pause is a set of intimate and contrasting sensations. It produces a reconsideration of the living body...


A p t i u m   /   2004

Aptium is a term in the French colloquial language, referring both to physical flatness and to physical and emotional exhaustion...


À Fleur de Peau - Soundsuit for a Body   /   2003

This object is not designed to be looked at, rather to be felt and heard...

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